Altro award-winning, adhesive-free sustainable floors now feature new ranges offering you enhanced comfort under foot and greater impact sound reduction, together with a whole new range of benefits including more colour and wood design options, giving complete flexibility for your differing application areas. Our adhesive-free floors also feature our most advanced Altro Easyclean technology, while retaining the benefits of reduced installation time and 100% recyclability.

Solutions for your whole building - As you know, we love continually developing our solutions and have introduced a different underside emboss on two of our adhesive-free product ranges: Altro Wood adhesive-free and Altro Cantata. This new structure, coupled with exciting, aesthetic options, provides 14dB impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot, making them ideal options for your more public-facing areas, which will continue to make a great first impression and support the wellbeing of all users for the lifetime of the product. Where safety and toughness are the key drivers for your hard-working service areas, Altro XpressLay continues to deliver robust, good looks.

Time-saving, cost-saving, disruption-busting technology - With all Altro adhesive-free floors no DPM and no adhesive are required meaning your installation can be up and ready quickly, letting everyone get back to normal with minimal interruption. With adhesive-free floors there is no waiting time - just lay, weld and walk on the same day and they give you no fuss repair and maintenance, with ease of access to the subfloor allowing you to readily identify and fix problems. Adhesive-free also means no tacky areas and trafficking glue through the building; so the build can be planned in stages without being held up by drying times. The specially formulated studded underside emboss allows flooring to sit off the subfloor, allowing the floor to breathe, resulting in any moisture dissipating. With reduced installation time and labour costs, less need for expensive equipment hire and the reduction in maintenance budgets adhesive-free flooring provides with you a cost-saving alternative.

When the flooring has come to the end of its long and useful life, taking it up and replacing it could not be easier, plus there is no costly and time-consuming “making good” of the subfloor to worry about.

No adhesive means there are no odours. Environments such as hospitals, residential care homes and universities have many people living and working in them; and shutting down shop or installing noisy extractor fans is not an option. Using Altro adhesive-free floors, you can halve installation time compared with a traditional adhered installation. And at the end of their life, adhesive-free floors can be re-used elsewhere or recycled.

Tried and tested for your peace of mind - Our adhesive-free flooring is durable and can tolerate medium to heavy-duty traffic. Altro adhesive-free floors hold as effectively as Altro floors installed using adhesive: no rucks, no movement. In fact, they have been tested with a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks, so a patient on a trolley will be no problem at all!

Our sustainable and movement-free floors have been tried and tested in some of the world’s most demanding locations including the Australian Parliament, listed buildings, global four-yearly sporting events and the Asian Games. We continue to work closely with architects, end customers, engineers, designers and contractors around the world; our insight and expertise help them transform everyday spaces into environments that can improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them.

Innovative solutions for harmonised spaces - Altro invented safety flooring over 60 years ago and we have been leading the way with innovation and quality ever since. Our adhesive-free floors harmonise perfectly with other Altro floors, plus Altro Whiterock hygienic walls and Altro Fortis wall, door and corner protection system, meaning we can help you create the look and feel you want, throughout.

Our new Altro Wood adhesive-free floor brings you a safety wood-look product with easy cleanability; perfect for decorative, homely or biophilic areas. And with Altro Cantata providing a refreshed palette of colours and designs, with improved cleanability, we continue to provide you with floor solutions to meet the most wide-ranging of aesthetics. Revolutionary, international award-winning Altro XpressLay was the world’s first ever adhesive-free safety floor and was introduced to the market place after 5 years of development and testing. In 2019 Altro XpressLay celebrated its 10th anniversary of providing safe flooring in diverse environments.

With our enhanced Altro Easyclean technology, the cleanability of our adhesive-free floors has been vastly improved. The floors are more resistant to dirt pick-up giving them a cleaner, aesthetic look and ease of cleaning is enhanced with less dirt residue to remove. The flooring is also more stain-resistant, ensuring that it keeps its good looks for longer. With a cleaner floor, it stays fresher for prolonged periods of time and improves wellbeing for staff, pupils and residents.