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Altro Transflor Figura™

Striking designs in a choice of two contrasting patterns for greater aesthetic choice and design freedom. These dynamic designs are non-directional for easy installation and are also available in a range of attractive colours.

The Altro Transflor Figura range has bespoke options available (conditions apply) and comes with sustained slip resistance. It is also ortho-phthalate-free and contains bioplasticiser.

Now available in a self-adhesive option.



Choose your colours and add them to your basket using the plus icons.

  • Crackle
    TFFG2006F - 2706F

  • Rocket
    TFFG2004F - 2704F

  • Laser
    TFFG2003F - 2703F

  • Pinwheel
    TFFG2005F - 2705F

  • Sparkler
    TFFG2002F - 2702F

  • Boom
    TFFG2001F - 2701F

  • Buckingham
    TFFG2051C - 2751C

  • Chambord
    TFFG2053C - 2753C

  • Balmoral
    TFFG2054C - 2754C

  • Versailles
    TFFG2055C - 2755C

  • Imperial
    TFFG2052C - 2752C

  • Chatsworth
    TFFG2056C - 2756C