Camilo José Cela University, Spain

Altro Orchestra chosen for teacher room at Camilo José Cela University

Altro Orchestra

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) is one of the most prestigious Spanish private universities. Founded in Madrid in 2000, its Campus Central, Madrid-Villafranca occupies more than 100,000 m², surrounded by nature and yet a few minutes from the capital of Madrid. The UCJC is part of the Educational Institution SEK and has modern infrastructures equipped with the latest technologies.

The faculty room of the UCJC was recently remodelled, and among other changes was the installation of a new floor. The floor needed to be resilient, decorative and have good acoustic properties. The old floor was replaced by new Altro Orchestra in a light beige colour. Altro Orchestra helped create a unified, bright space, with comfort underfoot and 15dB impact sound insulation.

Miguel Ángel Fernández, from installation company AFER explains: “It has been a challenging job because of the size of the space, where 840 m² of Altro Orchestra was installed. The existing floors were of various kinds and it was necessary to apply smoothing paste on the whole surface so that the base was completely flat. We are happy with the work done: the floor has been perfect and the product meets all expectations of the customer.”

Altro Orchestra is a 2.85 mm floor with a wear layer of 0.7 mm. It is comfortable underfoot and provides noise reduction ideal for busy corridors and classrooms in colleges and universities. Altro Orchestra is is also suitable for rooms, common areas and corridors in hospitals, residences and care homes, as well as retail and social housing. It is ideal for areas where comfort and sound reduction are important.

With a palette of 40 colours and designs varying from calming neutrals to vibrant shades, Altro Orchestra allows you to create the right atmosphere every time. It coordinates with Altro Operetta and Altro Serenade for a complete look throughout.

José Álvarez Álvaro, Manager of General Services, Educational Institution SEK, highlighted as advantages of the Altro Orchestra: “it’s rapid installation, aesthetic appearance and noise reduction properties. The result has been great, it is a product highly recommended for these environments, has an excellent value for money and a very good finish.”

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