South Cove Manor

Altro provides safe and hygienic options for new senior living facility

Altro AquariusAltro Stronghold 30Altro Whiterock

South Cove Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has provided a unique alternative to senior living in the Greater Boston area for the past thirty years; deeply rooted in traditional Asian cultural values, the community offers skilled nursing, short and long term rehabilitation as well as community based learning and social interaction opportunities. South Cove Manor boasts a five star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and they aim to provide the highest quality services in a comfortable, homey, state-of-the-art building.

In May 2014, their facility in Boston was relocated to a newly constructed facility a few minutes south in Quincy, Massachusetts. The move increased the size of the community from 37,000 ft to 87,000 ft; and expanded their bathing areas from five communal rooms to 74 ensuites with 141 beds.

To meet the demands of the new construction, Levi + Wong Design Associates specified Altro in any area in which moisture would be present. This included the bathrooms, showers, spa, exam room, commercial kitchen and laundry facilities.

The kitchen and laundry received Altro Stronghold 30 flooring to withstand heavy traffic, spills and rolling carts and the remaining wet areas were fitted with Altro Aquarius flooring along with Altro Whiterock wall cladding to create a fully integrated seamless, hygienic finish from floor to ceiling.

Director of Building Operations, David McKinnon, reported that even though the facility grew in size, general maintenance is easier and time spent cleaning the floors has reduced. Having slip resistant flooring in bathrooms and showers is vital when it comes to senior living environments.

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