Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

Altro Orchestra provides aesthetically pleasing environment for patients

Altro Orchestra

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is dedicated to supporting people whose lives are touched by cancer. The centres offer a range of complementary therapies to patients in an environment of peace and tranquillity, including counselling, reflexology, aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage and support groups. The centres are for patients with all types of cancer at all stages, whether newly diagnosed or longer term, throughout and after completion of treatment. Founded in 1999, the charity is the legacy of BBC broadcaster Helen Rollason.

The first constructed center, based in North Middlesex Hospital, was looking tired next to the nearby Radiotherapy / Oncology Department. Altro Orchestra was selected to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for patients undergoing treatment.

Andrew Coleman, Project Manager, Kier Construction said: “Altro Orchestra is an aesthetically pleasing product that is also durable. The support from Altro was excellent and the installation went well. We would use Altro Orchestra again.”

For areas where comfort and sound reduction are important, 2.85mm Altro Orchestra has been engineered to create the ideal environment to learn and live. Low residual indentation facilitates the flexible use of equipment and furniture, including hospital beds. At the same time, the integrated impact sound insulation system cuts impact sound by up to 15dB.

It offers comfort underfoot making life easier on the feet of students and patients but particularly hard-working staff who spend countless hours on the move.

With a palette of 40 colours and designs varying from calming neutrals reflecting tones of nature, to vibrant shades, Altro Orchestra allows you to create the right atmosphere every time. It coordinates with Altro Operetta and Altro Serenade for a complete look throughout.

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