Lawrence General Hospital, USA

Hybrid healing at Lawrence General Hospital

Altro Whiterock

Whether surgery has already begun or it’s still in the preliminary stages, no surgeon wants to move their patient from room to room. In January 2017, Lawrence General Hospital (LGH), located in Lawrence, USA, alleviated that issue by opening the region’s first hybrid operating room as part of its new, state-of-the art surgical centre.

Allowing for a wider range of surgeries, a hybrid operating room can accommodate minimally invasive or open vascular surgeries in the same space. Before, if a surgery began as minimally invasive but it was later deemed that open vascular was necessary, surgeons would have to relocate themselves and the patient to another room. Now a patient’s needs can be accommodated without moving.

Altro Whiterock wall cladding brings to the hybrid operating room a hygienic, impact-resistant and grout-free solution able to achieve the levels of safety and hygiene needed in healthcare. Even the smallest cracks can house bacteria, so durable walls that can prevent damage is paramount in an environment that requires sterility.

“Our primary considerations were to find products that support patient safety – for example, by minimizing infection rates – are aesthetically pleasing and stay within the parameters of the budget,” Jill McDonald Halsey, LGH’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, said.

Some of LGH’s most prominent and experienced vascular surgeons – with near-10,000 vascular surgeries completed collectively – were partners of the new surgery centre’s construction and had a say in the specification of products.

Vascular Surgeon Arthur Gonsalves, MD, spoke to LGH’s publication myhealthTODAY about the excitement of the surgical staff to use the new surgical center, including the hybrid operating room.

“It may be the biggest deal we’ve ever had in the way we treat patients,” he said.

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