Lúa Viet Kitchen, USA

Pho-nominal flooring for an authentic Vietnamese eatery

Altro Stronghold

“We wanted to accomplish two goals: cleanliness and safety. Our passion and commitment to healthier fare extend beyond sourcing better, cleaner ingredients. It extends to areas where we prepare and cook our offerings. With Altro, we accomplished both and more.”

Nick Nguyen,
Co-owner Lúa Viet Kitchen


Located in the Montrose district of Houston, Texas, Lúa Viet Kitchen (LVK) specializes in serving traditional, locally sourced Vietnamese fare with a creative twist.

When considering flooring options for LVK’s back-of-house area, co-owner Nick Nguyen prioritized the needs of both patrons and staff.


LVK required a solution that could address their hygiene and safety concerns while enduring the daily stress of a typical commercial kitchen. A consultation with a local foodservice designer from Taylor Design Group and the Houston area Altro sales rep led to the introduction of Altro Stronghold 30 as the ideal flooring product for the job.

Houston’s own MEK Floors installed the product and reviewed the proper maintenance details with LVK’s owners.


Achieving Altro’s highest available slip resistance rating, Altro Stronghold 30 is designed to minimize risk in areas subject to common kitchen contaminants including water, grease and oils. In addition to keeping staff safe from slip and fall accidents, this product reduces fatigue by providing plenty of comfort underfoot with its 3mm thickness.

“Without grouting and fatigue mats to harbuor bacteria, the surface is easily cleaned and sanitized daily while providing slip protection. The softer surface compared to tiles is easier on the feet as well. We couldn’t be happier with Altro!”

Nick Nguyen,
Co-owner Lúa Viet Kitchen

Compared to epoxy flooring and quarry tile alternatives, Altro Stronghold 30 can be cleaned thoroughly without harboring potentially dangerous dirt and bacteria within surface cracks or porous grout.

Not having to worry about routine maintenance compromising their kitchen’s hygiene was crucial in the case of LVK’s back-of-house design.

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