Pando by Panduro, Sweden

Altro Ensemble brings style to new retail concept

Altro Ensemble

“Panduro had identified a gap in the market, a lack of creativity for children. That’s why they came to us and wanted help creating a concept. It is not enough to just present products anymore, it is necessary to offer something more. Therefore, we came up with the idea of designing a small creative workshop where children can come in with their preschool or their parents and test Pando’s range.”

Annika Rabe,
Annika Rabe, Senior Retail Consultant, Scandinavian Retail Center


The Swedish retail store, Panduro, has provided crafting materials for hobby enthusiasts for almost 60 years. To make their range of crafts more accessible to children, they have now opened their very first Pando store. The store offers families and preschool workers the opportunity to come in to try out and buy different craft products and toys.


Pando’s aim is to provide space for children’s creativity, as well as to offer an experience that other stores do not, by allowing children and adults the opportunity to try out the products on sale. To succeed in this, the Scandinavian Retail Center, in collaboration with Panduro, have created a store concept that promotes imagination and curiosity from floor to ceiling, allowing a ‘hands-on’ approach. They required a floor that could support this creative approach, and complement its nature theme.


Altro Ensemble in a wood-look shade was chosen for the store, not only suiting the theme but also providing resistance to scratches. Altro Ensemble offers 15dB impact sound reduction with added comfort underfoot, making it perfect for front of house areas in hotels including foyers and reception areas, restaurant and café dining areas, retail, offices and student accommodation – any environment where design is key.

“It was important to find a floor that complemented the vision and feeling we wanted to convey, and I think we found that with Altro Ensemble. We are pleased with the end result, particularly when it comes to the floor’s appearance and design. The staff at Panduro have commented that the floor is good quality and comfortable to walk on. ”

Annika Rabe,
Senior Retail Consultant, Scandinavian Retail Center

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