Don’t let history repeat itself!

We’d like to think that your customers treat refurbishments with as much due care and attention as new installations, but generally it’s not the case. I find the reason is usually because something has gone wrong with the original installation, often because the appropriate products weren’t used. Customers may have been under pressure to get the job done quickly or to choose cheap, unsuitable options, and it’s now back-fired. Unfortunately this puts on even more pressure second time round. I’ve got some tips on how to avoid running into trouble…

Check for damage

Does the floor need replacing sooner than expected? If yes, isolate why. Work out what has caused any damage and if it was avoidable. If the flooring is regularly subjected to heavier traffic than it was designed for, recommend a heavy-duty option that can take the pace. Altro safety flooring has a guarantee of between 7 and 20 years and this can give the reassurance needed. If the flooring is being damaged by poorly maintained chairs or trollies, make your customer aware.

Confirm maintenance

Maintenance is so important for flooring and easily overlooked. It may be obvious to you that the flooring hasn’t been cleaned properly. This affects not only hygiene but also the slip-resistance; if the surface profile is blocked with dirt, floor and foot may not connect, causing a slip. The customer could be totally unaware of this. We can help here with general guidance on cleaning plus downloadable, easy to follow cleaning guides.

Correct slip resistance

It may be that you’re replacing flooring that no longer provides the right slip resistance. We believe that the emboss/thin coating on some safety flooring can wear off in months, leaving behind a high slip-risk. It’s important to recommend safety flooring that has lifetime sustained slip resistance; this means the slip performance of the flooring will be as good at the end of its life expectancy as at the start. Manufacturers should make this information readily available for every product; we ensure it’s on every brochure and on our website.

I could wax lyrical on this subject and there’s a lot to say so please if you have any queries, do pick up the phone to our technical team who will be happy to help you.

Roger Moore, Training School Supervisor

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