A lightweight solution to stick with

We all know the benefits that saving weight across your train set can have, but do you know how much more you could save by rethinking your adhesive solution?

Fully compliant to all rail applications, Altro’s self-adhesive solution can save you 60% on adhesive weight. Let us partner with you to open up new possibilities in efficiency and safety.

A floor fitter pulling the protective film off of some self-adhesive flooring

What is it?

Altro’s self-adhesive solution is a double sided tape coated on each side with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, which is applied to the underside of the flooring. All you need to do is peel, stick, weld and walk. With the lack of contact adhesive application, the associated application and curing times are negated, along with almost all the VOC emissions.

Will I need special tools?

Not at all – you can use the exact same set of tools you’d use for an installation using a manual adhesive application, except of course your notched trowel!

What about my sub-floor?

Our self-adhesive tape provides a strong, permanent bond to key sub-floor types, such as plywood, metals, foams, plastics and composite materials. For the adhesive to work at its best, the sub-floor must be clean and dust free. To achieve this you can either use a broom or vacuum cleaner to prepare the floor, or alternatively use a primer to seal the floor covering.

In real terms

We’ve already shown how choosing Altro Transflor Tungsten saves more weight across a British Rail class 377 set, but how much more could you save by using our self-adhesive solution as well?


Altro Transflor Tungsten with self-adhesive

Altro Transflor Tungsten with traditional contact adhesive

Altro Transflor Tungsten with two part polyurethane adhesive

British Rail class 377 (12 car)






So choosing a contact adhesive over our self-adhesive solution means you’d be carrying the same weight as fourteen bowling balls on your train. Or, if you chose a two part polyurethane adhesive, you’d be carrying the weight of an adult panda. How much energy are you wasting, carrying around the extra weight?

An energy saving of course also means a financial saving – especially when you consider the twenty-four tubs of 6kg two part polyurethane adhesive, or the nineteen 5 litre units of contact adhesive, that you wouldn’t need to purchase per train set. With the loss of almost all VOC emissions in a self-adhesive installation, that’s a far safer working environment, to boot. Over a whole project, how much could you save?

By partnering with us to streamline your installation we can help you to reduce weight, save energy and support the transition to new fuel technologies on the industry horizon. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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