Endless possibilities for bus design

Got an idea for your bus interior that you’re just itching to try? With Altro, you’re not just limited to what’s on the sample card…

The question of the best design for a city bus is still a hotly debated one. What should be prioritised in terms of space? How to balance innovation with functionality? How do you make a design accessible for everyone using the bus?

Here at Altro, we have the expertise and the capability to bring any of your design ideas to life. Here’s a taste of what we’ve done so far:

Coffee shop chic

Choosing a wood-look product is a great way to take the industrial feel out of a city bus and make passengers feel more at home and in luxury. Ray Stenning’s design for Reading Buses, using Altro Transflor Wood, brings together style and functionality. With a lighter colour for the gangway and darker for under the seats, the use of Altro’s kit cutting service gives the interior a lighter aspect, without causing a problem for those with visual impairments. The more modern feel created with the flooring choice reflects the contemporary and innovative touches on the Reading Buses fleets.

Sometimes flooring for transport is chosen purely for its function, such as whether it’s easy to clean and so on. Actually, the right look and feel, and how it coordinates, is just as important as function and that’s why Altro Transflor Wood is the right choice for this project; it delivers both.

Ray Stenning, Best Impressions

Read the case study here.

Totally custom design


For their Versa and Solo demonstration vehicles, Optare fully customised their flooring design with a metallic product and flashes of colour using our kit cutting service. As demonstration vehicles, the highlighting of the product branding was a priority, but Optare also wanted to develop new ideas for giving the vehicles a bright, airy, and contemporary feel. Optare specified Altro’s custom design transport flooring in a sky blue with navy tramlines for the Versa, and metallic silver with lime green for the Solo. The vehicle names were cut into the floor which ensured that they were displayed prominently. All of Optare’s design objectives were fulfilled by using a fully customised design in an original and refreshing way.

We wanted to create a fresh, modern feel to the Optare demonstrator buses that would outlast rigorous service duties, and I think Altro Transflor custom design flooring achieves this really well.

Samantha Beeley, Designs and Concepts

Read the case study.

Chips ahoy!

Working a strong brand identity into a functional design doesn’t mean that the design can’t pop. When Tranzit Group designed their new buses for the Greater Wellington Regional Council in New Zealand, they needed a hardwearing design which encompassed their council colours. Tranzit Group ordered a custom design of Altro Transflor Chroma, with the chips in the flooring matching the brand colours of the GWRC. When combined with matching grab rails and seat moquettes, the result was a strong brand identity with a contemporary and hardwearing style.

Read the case study here.


We are proud that we have helped so many of our customers realise their design plans whilst keeping the safety and durability our products are known for. It’s not just colour we can adapt, but finish, too – choose from plain, chipped, or one of our Figura patterns.


Next time you have a design idea you’d like to see realised, get in touch with Altro!

To see more of the special flooring designs we’ve provided over the years, check out our social media.

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