Bring the outside in with your bus design

Whether you’re looking to create an open, airy feel on a busy city bus, or bring the freshness of the rolling countryside into your vehicle, across the Altro Transflor bus ranges we have the colour variety to help.

Blue sky thinking

As contemporary bus design turns to the modern, light, and airy, don’t leave your flooring design in the dark ages! With hydro and electric fuelled buses becoming more and more common, it’s no surprise that operators and manufacturers are looking to replicate this eco-friendly message on the interior of new bus fleets. Fill the space with optimism with a lighter, brighter design reminiscent of a clear blue sky – and subtly reference your zero emission bus for guilt-free travel.

You can find cooling, calming blue hues across all of our bus flooring ranges including Altro Transflor Chroma’s Cayman, Altro Transflor Figura’s Laser, Altro Transflor Meta’s Supra, and our metallic custom colours. Combine these with paler colours such as Altro Transflor Figura’s Sparkler, or Altro Transflor Meta’s Pewter Grey to lift the palette and give a feeling of expanse, or even combine the two as in Altro Transflor Chroma’s Strada?

All our UK manufactured floors are equipped with Altro Easyclean technology, and with experienced experts on hand to answer any cleaning conundrums, you need never fear a pale floor on a busy service again. Read about how we partnered with our sister company, UK vehicle care and cleaning product manufacturer, Autoglym, to scrub up one of our rail exhibition cars.

Even on the dreariest day, remind your passengers of sunnier weather with bright accents and an airy, open-feeling design.

A walk in the forest

Green is a popular colour for bus service livery to reflect the “green” nature of more environmentally friendly energies. Take the love of nature into the interiors of your fleets with the positive effect of biophilic design. As humans we are genetically programmed to feel attached to nature and take solace in colours associated with the natural world. Use our colour palettes to take your passengers in a stroll through the woods, even in the middle of the urban jungle.

Warm, woody tones from Altro Transflor Wood such as Tudor Oak and Spiced Bamboo easily evoke a natural feel. Complement these with Frontier, from Altro Transflor Chroma, or contrast with vivid Forester to complete the woodland look.

Create a natural-world inspired interior safe in the knowledge that you’ll have let the green in, in more ways than just aesthetics. Our UK manufactured bus floors are fully recyclable and, in fact, we’ve been zero waste-to-landfill since 2014, a fact we’re really proud of.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your design dreams – whether that be using our standard colour palettes, a custom design, or one of our exciting upcoming developments!

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