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2020 is coming up fast! And here’s why we’re excited…

Upcoming for Bus...

Lightweight, BSS compliant, enhanced durability

Previewed at Busworld 2019, our new and improved formulation for Altro Transflor Chroma and Altro Transflor Figura will officially be available in 2020. We have redesigned these well-loved products to offer the same reliable, BSS compliant slip resistance of minimum PTV ≥36, with improved strength, durability, and cleanability, and a weight reduction of 20%.

We pride ourselves on offering you the best innovations in transport flooring without ever compromising on safety and slip resistance, and we are pleased to maintain the small slip risk of a one in a million in all of our products, both new and established, without any need for additional surface treatments or protective coatings.

Truly custom design with acoustic properties

Also previewed at Busworld 2019, we are delighted to bring you our digitally printed product for bus applications in 2020. Our high fidelity, sparkle-free formulation offers acoustic properties and the freedom to print any design you choose.

Our 2.8mm digitally printed product offers all the same resilience and durability you expect of a quality Altro Transflor product, now with greater design flexibility. Select one of our pre-existing designs or provide your own, and take your bus design to the next level.

New design elegance

Did you see these new, natural world inspired designs on our Busworld 2019 sample wall? Altro Transflor Artis, launching in 2020, offers new designs inspired by rocks and minerals to give your vehicle elegance and class.

Choose from our terrazzo and salt and pepper designs in a range of colours, giving your passengers an outdoors-in experience with the same great performance we at Altro pride ourselves on. With Altro Transflor Artis, your passengers ride in style.

Have we piqued your interest?

Speak to your local sales representative, or contact us for more information and to be the first to use these exciting innovations on your fleet.

Upcoming for Rail...

High performance HL-2


Don’t miss the formal launch of our high performance HL-2 rail product, Altro Transflor Motus. With a bold choice of colours for wider design options, Altro Transflor Motus is sure to add a splash of colour to your train sets as a more practical, hygienic and resilient option over carpet. This R10 flooring product is available in 2mm or 2.5mm thickness and a boasts a competitive weight to other similar homogenously constructed products.

Contact us or your local sales representative to find out how Altro Transflor Motus can help with your next project.

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