How we’ve helped our customers

Here at Altro, our customers are our first priority. We’re proud that our product offering allows us to actively help our customers achieve interior design goals, enhanced installation efficiencies, expert safety advice, and tips for easy cleaning.

But don’t just take our word for it – discover how we’ve helped people just like you below.

Chrysalis Rail – ease of installation

“Altro flooring is so easy to use because it can be provided to us in pre-cut kits … we’ve used Altro flooring and the pre-cut flooring service on a number of projects and it just makes our life so much easier. It’s always met all of our expectations, so it’s brilliant.”

Steve Warren, Head of Procurement at Chrysalis Rail


For rail refurbishers Chrysalis Rail, the ability to streamline an installation to the height of efficiency is incredibly valuable. By providing them with our pre-cut flooring service, we have helped them to all but eliminate the labour and time associated with the cutting of vinyl flooring. We delivered Altro Transflor Met pre-cut to their specification in handy, more manageably sized pieces, clearly labelled and ready to install. We have the capability to pre-cut your order in house at our Letchworth HQ, cutting out any middle-man before your flooring reaches you.

We are pleased to have partnered with Chrysalis Rail on enhancing their installation efficiencies.

Porterbrook – easy cleaning

We found the flooring very easy to clean and our engineer commented on how easy it was to manoeuvre the mop over the flooring … the results were excellent and provided a great finish.

Michael Rutherford, Commercial Manager at Autoglym Professional Key Accounts


Keeping rail interiors clean and in a tip-top condition is a key aspect to get right to improve passenger satisfaction. We were not only delighted to present Altro Transflor Motus, our easy-clean EN45545-HL2 product for the Porterbrook Innovation Hub, but also bring in experts from our sister company, Autoglym, to share specialist cleaning expertise. Here at Altro, we are always pleased to help our customers to go the extra mile for their passengers.

Grand Central – a unique, smart, and durable interior

One of the most important factors was that Altro have the facility to create a bespoke colour for the project. The interior needed to echo the corporate colours of Grand Central and be unique, smart, and durable.

Paul Batty, Fleet Project Manager for Grand Central


When rail operator Grand Central wanted to replace the run-down carpets in the saloon areas of their trains, they turned to Altro to help them create an interior which was unique, smart, and durable.

Partnering with top industry designers we worked with Grand Central to produce two custom designs of Altro Transflor Met: one for standard and one for first class. We were delighted to help Grand Central achieve their design plans while ensuring an interior that is safe and easy to maintain.

The Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen – expert opinion on fire safety guidelines

We have known Altro, a reliable supplier, for many years. Moreover, Altro is able to provide a relevant expert opinion on the latest fire safety guidelines and flooring durability.

Werner Benz, Master Mechanic of interior fittings at the Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen (SSB)


For a busy system like the Stuttgarter Straβenbahnen, a durable, great looking floor with robust safety credentials is key. We worked with the SSB to suggest the perfect product, in this case Altro Transflor Tungsten. The SSB needed lightweight flooring which would protect its passengers no matter the weather outside or the type of shoe worn inside the train, with an excellent slip resistance. Altro Transflor Tungsten also meets key fire, smoke and toxicity regulations which we knew would mean that the SSB could fulfil their safety promises to their passengers.

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