Designing accessible transport for all

For those who have disabilities, be those mental or physical, the prospect of using public transport can be a daunting but often necessary one.

Without the use of their own car or a friend, family member or carer to drive them, many vulnerable people rely on their local bus service to get them to the shops, to their healthcare appointments, or even just to see friends. A local bus service becomes more than just a means for getting around, but the key to battling loneliness and maintaining good health.

With this in mind, it is paramount that we ensure that all our buses are as safe and inclusive as possible.

Reflect on colour choice

Pairing different colours together can either help or hinder the accessibility of your design, depending on where they are used. Two contrasting colours with a difference in light reflectance values of more than 30 are great for highlighting a hazard, such as a step or a wheel arch, to help those with visual impairments navigate the vehicle safely. Conversely, however, designs that incorporate contrasting colours across the floor can cause confusion, as the stark change from dark to light can look like a drop, step or hole in the floor where there is none.

To find the light reflectance values of our transport floors, click the colour swatch you’re interested in on the product page. The LRV, amongst other important information for that particular colour, will be listed on the zoomed in swatch which will appear.

This isn’t to say, of course, that you’re restricted to a single colour floor throughout your vehicle. As long as your chosen colours are within 30 LRV points of each other, they will cause less confusion. Why not have a look at the colour range in Altro Transflor Meta¸ where all the colours are within a 30 LRV point range?

Want to check? View your colour choices in grayscale to get a sense of what they may look like to somebody with dementia.
Altro Transflor Meta in Storm

Altro Transflor Meta - Storm

Altro Transflor Meta in Torino

Altro Transflor Meta - Torino

Altro Transflor Meta - Storm (grayscale)

Altro Transflor Meta - Torino (grayscale)

Surface value

The surface look of your chosen floor is also important. A finish which is too shiny or glossy may appear wet or slippery and cause nervousness to those unsteady on their feet. A reliable safety credential is also important. We recommend that you look for a pendulum test result of 36 or higher to rest safe in the knowledge that your passengers’ risk of slipping is one in a million.

Look to Altro to help you design an inclusive, accessible bus interior to help give independence and a safe, welcoming experience for all who travel on the bus network. Contact us and get in touch with your local representative to see how we can help you!

To find out more design recommendations for designing for dementia, read the recommendations from the HBN 08-02 here.

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