June 2018

Strike an impression with your bus fleet

Altro Transflor Figura encapsulates high design, bringing together stunning patterns and durability. Here’s why we think it would be perfect for your next project.

“Ridley Coaches wanted a very special flooring for a new coach, one that would be striking, original, stylish, and of course practical and very safe underfoot. The Altro Transflor Figura product had all the qualities we were looking for.”

Geoff Goddard, General Manager of Rowan Telmac

As with all of our bus floors, Altro Transflor Figura achieves a PTV of ≥36, but its slip-resistant aggregate forms a pattern offering the style complexity of carpet, with all the benefits of a vinyl flooring. Altro Transflor Figura is lightweight, easy to clean, and guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.

The range features two patterns on a range of distinctive colours. Whether you’re drawn to our fun firework designs or our regal, palace inspired ones, we’re sure you’ll find your next perfect solution for your bus or coach.

Discover more here.

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Altro Stronghold 30 / K30 recolouration

Inspired by customer feedback we have added five new colours to our Altro Stronghold 30 / K30 safety flooring range, and deleted four colours.

This now takes the range from 13 to 14 options.

The table below sets out what will be deleted and what will be retained:

Product name Product code Status
Monsoon K30153 Retained
Dolphin K3010 Retained
Abyss K3001 Retained
Skyline K30332 Retained
Oyster K30215 Retained
Surf K30412 Retained
Midnight K30421 Retained
Russet K30262 Retained
Tundra K30500 Retained
Maple K30522 Deleted
Camel K3017 Deleted
Lagoon K30910 Deleted
Velvet K30365 Deleted
Lime K3086 New
Biscuit K30907 New
Cannon K30911 New
Star K30912 New
Torch K30913 New

At the same time we have increased the product guarantee from 15 years to 20 years.

Altro Stronghold 30 achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV ≥55, R12) and is designed to minimise risk in areas exposed to grease, oils and fats for the lifetime of the flooring.

Order your new Altro Stronghold 30 samples today.

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The effects of colour and the power of nature

It’s no surprise that colour plays an important role in creating a homely environment. Altro floors and wall systems can be used to create certain moods: stimulate or calm, depending on the needs of the people using the spaces.

There are no hard and fast rules on using colour; it’s about considering the needs and tastes of the end users.

Designing for particular needs

Our solutions are used within a huge variety of spaces - spaces used by a huge variety of people. We have worked with you on creating environments that need to use colour in a certain way, to benefit those using them.


Bright colours appeal to children and create stimulating, fun rooms; however, for those with autism, oranges, reds and yellows can be overstimulating. They can cause an increase in heart rate and loss of temper. Yet red is important in residential care as it can stimulate appetite.It’s about balance and being in tune with the residents’ needs. Using Altro Whiterock Splashbacks or using colour on the floor, rather than the walls, can be less overwhelming.

It is recommended that learning areas or Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) rooms are a neutral grey so as not to distract from activity areas within the rooms, which tend to be brightly coloured.

The aging eye

The yellowing of the eye lens as we age means that the blue end of the spectrum is lost first. Many care homes with older residents prefer neutral shades or those at the yellow/red end of the spectrum.


The guidance about using non-clinical colours is crucial when designing for dementia. Colour can also be used to theme rooms to help with recall. What’s also important here though goes beyond the shade chosen and is more about contrast. Running different floor colours through a building can create the impression of a step. This can cause uncertainty and could lead to a fall. We recommend installing floors with similar Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) throughout care homes to help keep residents safer and encourage independent mobility. We recommend looking at colours that will sit side by side in grey-scale as this is the best way to check contrasts for different sight abilities. For more information on designing for dementia, please visit our care homes pages.


Colour is one of the ways of helping with wayfinding. Different colours may be incorporated into wayfinding and orientation, triggering the memory and helping to create familiarity. It’s important to remember not everyone sees colour the same way, so this should be combined with other visual signs such as art or other landmarks where possible. We have developed shades to suit all tastes and practical considerations, plus, our walls and floors palettes combine to look good, and offer the required contrast differences.


Humans have an attachment to nature as our body is synced to the natural environment around us. It’s called biophilia. It means we are more likely to resonate with colours which are linked to nature. This can even help with psychological recuperation. Many of the shades we offer are deliberately drawn from nature, with Altro Pisces, our specialist safety floor for wet environments, being a great example of this. As well as using shades of Altro Whiterock Satins, or Altro Whiterock Chameleon, to create a more natural feeling, Altro Whiterock Digiclad is often used to display photographic images of nature. This can have a huge impact on how we view the space around us, for example, turning a clinical hospital waiting room into somewhere calmer and less anxiety-inducing.

Many of our most popular shades are natural ones; woods, greens, blues, floral shades. It’s fair to say that the idea of bringing the outside in is here to stay.

If you need to choose colours that complement your branding or overall colour scheme, please speak with your Altro Consultant, who will be able to help.

To see our shades in-situ, take a look at the Altro space visualiser.

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The benefits of a quiet life: Enhancing building performance with acoustic flooring

When it comes to interiors for new build properties and major refurbishments, specifiers often overlook valuable opportunities to improve the acoustic performance of buildings through their choice of flooring.

Acoustic flooring is often only considered for specialist zones or those which are compliance driven but the latest generation of floor coverings are capable of reducing surface generated noise in an extremely wide range of spaces and buildings. These products overcome the problems that specifiers might associate with traditional sound-absorbing floor coverings. For example, they are more resistant to wear and tear, making it possible to install them in high traffic areas. There are also options suitable for areas subjected to rolling loads, such as luggage, hospital beds or trolleys, making it possible to fit acoustic flooring in areas where only standard vinyl flooring could be used in the past. As acoustic ranges can now be considered alongside all other mainstream options when specifying floor coverings for buildings, the specifier can enhance the wellbeing of everyone who enters into and occupies any space, at any time of day.

And, as the process of installing acoustic flooring is the same as for ordinary vinyl flooring, the performance of buildings can be improved significantly, simply by opting for flooring options which reduce the ambient noise inside a room and sound transmission between spaces.

Acoustic floors are functional, but have many aesthetic options as well. Altro Wood Safety Comfort, for example, provides a wide range of wood look options in contemporary shades, with wide plank classic and rustic designs to achieve the aesthetic impact for the space. It also has the advantage of being a 2.85mm thick acoustic flooring product delivering a 14dB sound reduction, making it ideal for areas where noise can be a problem. Smooth floors Altro Orchestra is a 2.85mm thick floor with 15dB sound reduction and a colour palette of 40 shades, whilst Altro Serenade delivers a 19dB sound reduction, and is a 3.9mm thick option. There is also the option of fitting existing Altro ranges with Impact Sound Reduction underlays. The Altro 1101 and Altro Everlay B materials offer sound reductions of 18dB and 20dB respectively. Acoustics is also an important consideration in a busy commercial kitchen. Altro Stronghold 30 provides 10dB sound reduction and the additional benefit of comfort underfoot for busy kitchen staff who are on their feet all day. Whatever your choice, Altro have a wide range of acoustic options to help reduce disruptive sounds without having to compromise on performance or design.

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Come and join us at Innotrans 2018!

Altro will be at Innotrans 2018, hall 3.1, stand 212, showing off our exciting new product developments.

We’ll have some inspiring new HL-2 compliant designs to show off, and with all our specialist team on hand, you can gather all the information you need to create your perfect rail interior.

Come along and meet us, we’d love to see you!

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