Mind the gap!

Our European Technical Services Manager, Roger Moore, offers some guidance on how to avoid problems with welds.

A source of frustration for customers is when floor welding comes apart, leaving a gap that’s unsightly, a trip-hazard and a haven for bacteria. So, I’m going to cover what your options are if this happens and how to avoid it being a problem in the first place.

Get into the groove

When welding flooring sections it is essential that you groove the edges out, taking off the PUR coating and making two shoulders for the weld to bond to. Just butting the sections together means the weld sits on top of the PUR layer which won’t take, making a weak join that will detach over time. It’s a bit like trying to do a good paint job on a waxy surface, it won’t work! Creating a groove allows the weld to sit within the floor sections and under the PUR, holding it firm.

Guidance at a glance

We have a series of installation videos that may help with your best practice queries. This includes how to guides on welding internal and external mitres, and how to deal with access covers.

When the worst has happened

A section of welded flooring that has come apart can spread like undoing a zip. This problem can be prevented; the right preparation can save major headaches for you and your customers in the future. If you’re in the situation where this has already happened, it is possible to repair. For a small separation, you can groove the section and re-weld. If a large gap has appeared, welding strips will be too thin and won’t take on the subfloor. The best thing to do is strapping, by cutting a larger channel, grooving out the edges and putting a new section of floor in. This isn’t ideal as you will need to match the original flooring, but our customer care centre will help you to do this where possible. Alternatively, depending on how the room is used and where the join is, you could consider using a different colour and making the strap a feature of the room.

Grooving the flooring at installation means your customers will get the safe, hygienic and durable flooring they expect and will save you time and money on future repairs.

More support

Don’t forget that we’re here to help if you have any questions about this, please contact our technical wizards on 01462 489516 or use the online chat box. We also offer floors training, find out more here.

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