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Your guide to wall protection

A grey shade of Altro Fortis Titanium installed in a school corridor.

For non-clinical, busy public and service areas, we recommend Altro Fortis, our protection system for walls, doors and corners.

In public areas where feet, bags, equipment and wheels are a constant, maintenance can be ongoing and costly, and cleaning difficult. Altro Fortis is a system that offers seriously tough, 2.5mm thick protection. It is perfect for busy areas where appearances matter.

Altro Fortis is ideal for corridors, classrooms and circulation areas. It’s the perfect partner for Altro safety floors  when heavy traffic means spillages, or rain and mud are trekked in from outside. You can also combine it with our range of smooth floors in internal corridors and rooms where the risk of a slip is low but wheeled traffic and carried items cause wall damage.

WallsA grey shade of Altro Fortis Titanium installed in a school locker area.

To protect the main part of the wall, choose Altro Fortis Titanium. Specifically designed for busy public areas such as circulation areas, corridors and classrooms, this lightly textured wall protection sheet prevents the wall beneath from being knocked or scraped. Altro Fortis Titanium is impervious, easy to clean and comes in colours to blend in, or make a statement. Available in ten shades, the colour runs throughout the sheet, retaining the look and disguising scuffs. Shades include White, Denim and Cardinal red, giving you a choice to blend in or make a statement, depending on the application area and overall design.


As it’s not just the walls that are given a hard time, we have Altro Fortis corner protection. As well as giving an attractive finish to your installation, it prevents damage to one of the most at-risk parts of a wall. If this isn’t right for you, there is the option for you to thermoform the Altro Fortis Titanium cut sheet.


Altro Fortis doorsets are perfect for public areas where doors are constantly in use. Fully-clad and custom-made, these doorsets are faced with the Altro Fortis Titanium wall sheet on both sides and all edges to offer optimum protection.

Most impact damage to a door will happen at the points where trollies, feet and hands come into contact with it. You can protect these vulnerable areas with Altro Fortis door protection panels. There is the option to cut our standard sheets to suit the area you want to protect, to make, for example, pushplates and kickplates. To make things as easy as possible, we also offer a cutting service.

Altro Whiterock hygienic walls system

For areas where hygiene is a priority, we have the Altro Whiterock walls system, plus Altro Whiterock doorsets. They can be used alongside the Altro Fortis system, allowing you to create the same look when moving between hygienic and general areas.

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