May 2021

Announcing new shades for two of our wood safety floors

Altro Wood™ adhesive-free and Altro Wood™.

In support of the growing popularity of our adhesive-free floors, and to provide flexibility when specifying for, or designing differing application areas, we have increased the number of shades for Altro Wood adhesive-free [link to product page] from 12 to 18. The new, on-trend, wood-look options include six new shades which range from cool grey hues through to warming and natural tones.

The 18 colours available in Altro Wood adhesive-free are now aligned with those in Altro Wood, enhancing your choice of products and making selection between the two ranges quick and easy. Both products retain their renowned technical performance but now offer you improved design flexibility.

Altro Wood adhesive-free

Using our adhesive-free installation method, Altro Wood adhesive-free can be welded and walked on the same day, and at the end of its life can be removed easily, allowing it to be reused or recycled. Altro Wood adhesive-free creates maximum impact with minimum downtime and offers high levels of comfort underfoot providing a safe, durable, and decorative solution for busy spaces. Using Altro adhesive-free floors, you can halve installation time compared with a traditional adhered installation.

Altro Wood

Looking for designs and colours that match? Altro Wood now offers you four new oak colours, together with differing plank sizes and shades including wide plank classic and rustic designs, helping you create the right look for areas where people live and work. It is not just about looks though: this attractive, general purpose wood-effect vinyl safety flooring is designed to cope with medium to heavy traffic and has sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the floor.

Now with 18 colours to choose from, Altro Wood adhesive-free and Altro Wood are perfect partners for a variety of wall shades and finishes, including Altro Whiterock hygienic wall system, making design simpler.

David Brailsford, Altro’s New Product Introduction Manager said: “After we introduced Altro Wood adhesive-free in 2020 it quickly established itself as an important product for those who are looking for a sustainable and versatile safety floor that is quick to install. It is key to ensure that our colours and designs stay relevant and, as a result, we wanted to offer more design choice in this valued product. We have therefore extended the range from 12 colours to 18 and at the same time have balanced the Altro Wood range, re-colouring this popular product and adding extra dimension to our range of colours. s. Our customers value the choice and flexibility that this alignment provides, giving them breadth of choice with what remains a really popular finish for homely interiors With matching design and colour options across the Altro Wood adhesive-free and Altro Wood ranges, you can achieve a consistent look in different areas. Select from the ranges for the right technical performance required.

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Are you confident your wall sheets are fire-resistant?

In 2019 the Fire Brigade in Ireland attended 890 non-residential fires1 and there were 6 reported fatalities in Local Authority (Social) Housing.2 Of the 890 fires, 225 of these were in Schools, Hospitals and Institutions.


Selection of wall sheets and systems is a vital decision when designing or refurbishing a building for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Internal wall linings are a critical factor in the spread of fire and it gaining hold and consideration must be given to the fire rating and resistance to fire of any product being considered for specification. This is of particular importance in circulation areas where it can prevent escape.

“A fire at the Metro hotel and apartments in Ballymun in March 2018, seriously damaged 26 apartments, destroyed four and resulted in 150 people having to leave the building.”4


Sometimes fire tests are not aligned with the wall system you are buying. It is your responsibility to check you have not been misled by the fire certification and you are adhering to the Building Regulations.

Your first steps to ensuring your wall linings are safe and compliant should be:

  • Ensure the product you are considering exactly matches the product detailed on the fire certificate. Is it the same product and the same thickness?
  • Check that the fire testing has been conducted and duplicates the method of your installation?
  • Has the fire test on the product been conducted as a complete system – ie. included wall sheet, adhesive, joint profiles, and the corresponding substrate?

It is easy to overlook the fire rating of your wall lining material and whilst you might assume the sheets you have chosen, or are installing, would perform to the highest standards, should the worst happen it’s not always the case. Consideration should be given as to how it will react with other parts of the wall construction, since the substrate and adhesive can have an effect on the overall fire rating of the system.

Please note that any changes to the installation of the system or substitution of materials for alternatives will invalidate the fire certification.

The regulations

As stipulated in the Technical Guidance Document B of the Building Regulations3 you must ensure the fire resistance of your wall covering meets the required level for the environment into which it is installed.

The fire rating for wall linings varies by area of the building. However, in order to be used in public areas and circulation spaces wall linings need to achieve the following ratings to ensure they are safe and compliant:

  • EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0
  • BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6 Class 0

Altro Whiterock gives you EN 13501-1 B-s3 d0, BS476 Part 7 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6 Class 0.

The solution

The Altro Whiterock system has been designed to give you confidence and peace of mind with a Class 0 fire rating when used as described in the installation guide. Our systems can be trusted to do the job in high risk areas such as commercial kitchens as well as general use areas.

With Altro you can rest assured that our wall systems are fully compliant, and our Technical Services team can provide you with guidance if you have any form of doubt.


  3. - Technical Guidance Document B - Fire Safety (
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If it's not Altro, it's not Whiterock

The Altro Whiterock walls system was introduced to the market over 35 years ago and has been a market leader ever since. As a result of its own success and excellent reputation you have most probably heard the term ‘Whiterocking’ a wall. It’s a bit like saying you’re doing the hoovering rather than vacuuming. But if the sheet you’re using isn’t Altro, you’re not ‘Whiterocking’ that wall at all. Does that matter? You ask.

The answer to that question hinges on whether you expect every wall sheet to deliver what Altro Whiterock does.

Is that wall sheet a safe, fire-resistant product? Will the manufacturer provide technical support before, during and after installation? Will it give you your required high-end finish to a design-led and innovative build? Does it provide flexibility with colours and shades to fit aesthetic requirements? Is it a product that will stand the test of time? Will it give hygienic, impact-resistant, protection for busy clinical areas?

Altro Whiterock fits all the above criteria and more. Its product specification gives you reassuring value for money, knowing that your investment has up to a 20-year guarantee with a 25-year life expectancy. And because Altro Whiterock has been with us for nearly four decades, we know these figures stand up.

Hygienic and safe

Altro Whiterock is the only globally Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-certified PVC wall sheet, plus it’s CE-labelled. Made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C it meets all current EU Directives on health and hygiene and is particularly suitable for use in commercial kitchens where fire protection is critical. It is a fully bonded and watertight system that gives bacteria and vermin nowhere to hide and is easy to clean with a smooth finish that you can wipe, steam or power-wash clean.

The Altro Whiterock system, including the sheet and accessories, has been designed to give you confidence and peace of mind with a B s3, d0 (EN13501-1) or Class 0 (BS 476 Part 6 & 7) fire rating when used as recommended in the installation guide. The Altro Whiterock walls system meets the required fire resistance for public areas and circulation spaces; not all wall systems do this and if you switch products during planning or build, you may be taking a risk.

Altro Whiterock has been impact tested to BS EN 438-2 and Charpy ISO 179 and is designed to maintain performance and retain appearance.


Altro Whiterock, despite the name, isn’t just white. In fact we offer over 50 shades, plus multiple Altro collection designs for Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom).

Available in a range of solid, satin-finish shades – Altro Whiterock Satins can be used where aesthetics are important and you want to create a particular mood. Ideal for bathrooms, operating theatres, hospital wards and splashbacks.

Making a bold statement? Choose Altro Whiterock Chameleon – the glossy, vibrant wall system that adds a touch of luxury to high-end bathrooms, foyers, serveries, retail and splashbacks.

To ensure your use of colour looks as good as possible, we control the colour of Altro Whiterock to a very tight tolerance so there’s no shade variation from sheet to sheet.

Or if you need to create the right impression with your chosen photographic image or art reproduced onto wall sheets - Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) is a great choice for feature walls in foyers, wards, patient rooms, operating theatres, recovery rooms and coffee shops.

With natural wood, metal, stone and linen options, Altro Whiterock wall designs gives an elegance to interior walls while providing the durability you expect from an Altro Whiterock wall sheet. Altro Whiterock wall designs are perfect for general circulation areas as well as wet environments such as bathrooms and spas, creating a design focal point.

Altro Whiterock Whiteboard is a flexible and versatile wall mounted note board, ideal for brainstorming, schedule development, formulas and other non-permanent record keeping. Functioning like a dry wipe board, you can write directly on the wall with a dry wipe marker.

Altro Whiterock Imagination Wall gives children the chance to colour to their hearts' content, dry wipe away and start again. Available in six imaginative scenes, it provides a low-maintenance creative outlet, while simultaneously protecting walls from scuffs and bumps commonly found in paediatric offices and classrooms.

And we also offer Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets and our sheets can be pre-cut or custom-sized for Altro Whiterock Splashbacks, making designing a complete space easier.

Altro Whiterock has been used in all shades, in a huge variety of application areas by some of the world’s leading brands, organisations and sporting arenas, amongst many others. You can find many examples in our case studies section.

Technical Services

On top of a 20 year guarantee, Altro's technical services teams  are here to help, wherever you are. They might not thank us for saying it but our team has over 100 years’ experience of working with walls systems. They have detailed knowledge of substrate technology and possible issues that might arise. They can also offer solutions and information on different installation techniques. So, whether you are a contractor, architect, designer or end user, they are there for you.

Our promise

Altro Whiterock provides you with confidence and reassurance of the Altro Whiterock product design and Altro quality manufacture.

Altro invented the hygienic walls system in 1982 and our guarantee is our promise to you.

And don’t forget; if it’s not Altro, it’s not Whiterock.

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