Altro Whiterock - 40 years of fabulous

The complete, proven hygienic wall cladding system is marking 40 years of no compromise performance. This premium wall sheet has been leading the market for four decades and it boasts the most extensive, independently verified certifications, accreditations and tests on the market.

Altro Whiterock was the first tough hygienic solution to the problems associated with tiles and painted surfaces.

From that plain white sheet 40 years ago, boosted by customer feedback, our Altro Whiterock portfolio has expanded and developed to include myriad colours, designs and finishes.

You will find Altro Whiterock in many design-led, Bauhaus-inspired settings across the globe. Richard Kahn, CEO Floors and Managing Director, Altro Group said: “I’m extremely proud to have been involved in the development and continuing growth of Altro Whiterock. I believe there is a lot of potential for the market to grow - wall cladding is still a fairly new concept for some of our customers. With four decades of experience, we’re well placed to challenge and support innovation and new ideas in this fast-changing market.”

Altro Whiterock is a high-performance alternative to traditional ceramic wall tiles, truly ‘designed for possibilities made for people’. It’s a hygienic, easy to clean solution, robust to withstand bumps and scuffs, and proven to help promote wellbeing. Installation of Altro Whiterock products is worldwide in hospitals and medical facilities, care homes, children’s centres, colleges, schools and retail facilities.

With our Walls Training School, we offer training days that give more than 150 people each year an overview of Altro Whiterock products and installation. We also offer a one-day specialist welding course.

As we mark the 40th anniversary of our innovative Altro Whiterock wall system, we invite you to join us by watching our 40th anniversary videos, and read our blog post about the last 40 years.

Share your memories of the last 40 years and join us in our ’Altro Whiterock: 40 years of fabulous’ activities.

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