Altro Whiterock to suit

In areas such as washrooms, toilets and kitchens, tiles are usually used for small work areas to protect walls. Yet it causes more harm than good. Grout is absorbent, difficult to clean, and can harbour bacteria. It can also shrink and cause gaps between tiles. Tiles can get damaged and are difficult to replace.

There is an easier way to deal with staining, cleaning and maintenance.

Altro Whiterock is a smooth, non-porous and easy to clean surface, but comes in sheets to provide coverage from floor to ceiling. But there is another option: Altro Whiterock Splashbacks.

Hygienic, low-maintenance, convenient and easy to install…no wonder Altro Whiterock Splashbacks are such a popular alternative to tiles. They’re available as kits in a range of sizes to suit most hand wash basins and vanity units, or custom sized for the perfect fit.

Giving you the flexibility to coordinate or contrast, Altro Whiterock Splashbacks come in a vast array of colours and finishes complemented by colour-matched sealants. Choose from Altro Whiterock Satins or Altro Whiterock Chameleon ranges, pick your size, and away you go.

Dimensions Cut Size Only, in mm Format: Sheet Thickness: 2.5mm
Standard Sizes
Ref SB10/..... 500x305 Ref SB4/..... 1250x305 Ref SB3/..... 1250x610
Ref SB8/..... 625x305 Ref SB5/..... 833x610 Ref SB12/..... 1220x833
Ref SB6/..... 833x305 Ref SB14/..... 1220x500 Ref SB11/..... 1250x1220
Ref SB9/..... 500x610 Ref SB13/..... 1220x625 Ref SB1/..... 2500x610
Ref SB7/..... 625x610 Ref SB2/..... 2500x305  
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