Clean up your transport floors like new

We know that as a transport operator, keeping your floors in tip-top condition is a high priority to maintain a safe and pleasant travel environment for your passengers. To give you the best advice, we spoke to our colleagues at our sister company, Autoglym. Michael Rutherford, Commercial Manager for Autoglym Professional Key Accounts, gave us his advice for cleaning up your floors like new.

Use a quality product

Here at Altro we recommend our AltroClean 44 and AltroClean 44+ for use with our floors, but we’ve also seen excellent results using the Autoglym Professional range. A quality product is essential to ensure not only that you’re using your time as efficiently as possible when cleaning, but to achieve the best results both for the appearance and maintained slip resistance of your chosen floor.

Check your method

A standard daily clean is easier than you think! When using Autoglym 56 Express Wash, simply spray the area with 25:1 diluted product and leave to dwell for 2-3 minutes. You can leave this on for longer, if you feel you need to – just don’t let the product dry onto the floor! If you don’t have a sprayer, you can also apply product using a mop and bucket. After the dwelling time, simply mop off the product using clean water. If you applied the product using a mop and bucket, ensure you dry mop the area afterwards to make sure there is no product left on the floor after cleaning, as this can result in a chemical residue being left on the flooring.

Deep clean

A regular deep clean is key to removing the more stubborn dirt and maintaining the finish of your floor. After spraying the area with 15:1 diluted Autoglym 56 Express Wash and leaving to dwell, agitate the area using a deck scrub or hard bristled brush to lift the more ingrained dirt. Then, mop the floor with clean water to remove both the product and the lifted dirt. A deep clean of about once a month should be enough to keep your floors looking good as new!

A bristle brush being used to agitate cleaner on Altro Transflor Tungsten in safety yellow  

Read our current cleaning advice here.

Contact the team

The Autoglym Professional Key Accounts Commercial Managers are available to help you solve your cleaning conundrums:

Michael Rutherford
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