Kit out your bus for design, safety, and practicality

Looking to streamline installation and save on waste, all while taking your bus design from normal to next level? Altro’s logo and pre-cut flooring service is the solution you’ve been looking for. From a flash of colour to a marked out area for safety, our cutting service can help you realise any design idea, and simplify your installation in the process.

Using a CAD drawing of your vehicle our in-house cutting technology will map out the required pieces in the most economical way to minimise waste and deliver your desired floor in pre-cut pieces ready for installation.

Strike a design

Although safety and practicality are strong priorities of ours, we also appreciate the value of great looking design. You can utilise our pre-cut flooring service to create striking and memorable designs on your vehicles.

Optare used contrasting tramlines on their Versa and Solo demonstration vehicles to elongate the space and flaunt the vehicles’ airy design.

Optare Versa demonstration vehicle
Product: Altro Transflor custom design flooring
Optare Solo demonstration vehicle
Product: Altro Transflor custom design flooring

Abellio, in their London fleet, and Reading Buses used contrasting colours to distinguish the gangways and seating areas on their city buses. These weren’t just great ideas for demarcation, but also useful for hiding areas with increased dirt pickup.

Abellio London bus fleet, UK
Product: Altro Transflor Chroma
Reading Buses, UK
Product: Altro Transflor Wood

Show the way

Greater Wellington Regional Council fleet, NZ
Product: Altro Transflor Chroma
Abellio London fleet, UK
Product: Altro Transflor Chroma, Altro Transflor Meta

A great way to mark out designated areas for wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs, or any other feature you’d like to highlight on your vehicle is a separate section cut into the floor in a contrasting colour. Altro have provided countless pre-cut logos for use in vehicles across the world, from the Greater Wellington Regional Council fleet in New Zealand to the Abellio fleet in London, UK. Here at Altro we can provide the logo pre-set into your contrasting colour of choice, cut to size and ready to stick down in your vehicle.

A floor layer welding in an Altro pre-cut logo  
Make sure that, when using contrasting colours, that the LRV point difference is not more than 30. This avoids creating the illusion of a hazard for passengers with visual impairments.

Using our in-house cutting technology, we can create any logo you can think of. Beyond marked out passenger areas, why not consider using flooring to show where phone charging points or parent and child friendly seats are located?

Brand focus

Any logo you can think of does, of course, include your own. With our logo cutting we aren’t just limited to simple shapes, but also have the capability to cut text in a range of different fonts. Your company logo, a product name (as with Optare’s Versa and Solo demonstration vehicles), company values or even stops on a route.

We are proud to provide our pre-cut flooring and logo solution to you because of all the great benefits it allows us to offer. Smart, practical and striking design without limits is within easy reach, but this service also ensures a far more streamlined installation saving you time, money and unnecessary waste. Why not save even more time and labour, and give our self-adhesive solution a try, too?

Get in touch to find out more – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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