Make your flooring design work for you

Are you missing powerful opportunities for design on your rail vehicles?

Flooring choice is an integral part of ensuring that your vehicle performs at the highest level possible. Your flooring selection not only sets the tone for the entire feel of the carriage, but also ensures you meet the relevant slip resistance and fire safety regulations. We like to see that as the bare minimum, as there’s so much more your flooring can do for you…

A vehicle of distinction

We offer a wide colour palette with our entire rail flooring portfolio to allow you to create different environments within the same branding guidelines. Using different colours to demarcate different areas is a great way to differentiate, but to take it one step further, use colour to evoke different types of ambience.

Altro Transflor Met in a custom colour design for the standard class of a Grand Central intercity train
Altro Transflor Met in a custom colour design for the first class of a Grand Central intercity train

We can create Altro Transflor Met in any colour you wish, and a selection of design patterns. Grand Central made great use of our custom colour service on their intercity trains. In the standard class saloons, they designed a lively composition with a vivacious firework pattern in brilliant colours to help give a bit of spark to standard class journeys. The saloons have that extra feeling of novelty which helps create a positive passenger experience. In first class, we devised a deep, regal purple with an understated geometric pattern. In high traffic areas such as the gangways, a patterned resilient floor is a great way to maintain the pattern complexity available with carpet but ensure safety and ease of cleaning. These designs look great, and are working overtime for safety, practicality, and helping to create an environment where passengers feel valued.

In those areas where a simple colour change is too subtle, we can provide pre-cut logos to demarcate important areas.

Lead the way

As well as cutting logos in house, we can also cut full flooring designs. Our innovation at Porterbrook’s Innovation Hub in 2019 centred around exactly this: we used our in-house cutting technology to create an environment where all the stress was taken out of train travel and passengers felt valued.

Altro Transflor Motus and Altro Transflor Tungsten used to demarcate a bicycle area on the Porterbrook Innovation Hub
Altro Transflor Motus and Altro Transflor Tungsten used to demarcate a bicycle area on the Porterbrook Innovation Hub

On entering the carriage, we showed how flooring design can be used to quickly show passengers to points of interest on a vehicle to minimise stress around not being able to find the area they need. This design can be applied to any important area of any train, be that the buffet car, toilets, or any innovative areas on board. This particular design was cut into new, high performance Altro Transflor Motus, with Altro Transflor Tungsten in custom colours to create a bold contrast. While this design may be a quirky novelty for some, it acts as a lifeline for others who may be nervous travellers or need to get to certain areas quickly. Designs which show that operators are thinking about passengers’ needs are a great way to make passengers feel appreciated.

Partnering for possibilities

Here at Altro we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to passenger-focused developments. We can produce flooring designs to fulfil any need or novelty, so contact us to find out what’s possible. Our rail flooring portfolio has the versatility to create any design you care to think of, so test us out – we would love to explore the possibilities of performance with you.

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