With so many relying on their local bus networks worldwide, we strongly believe that providing a safe, inviting, and compliant environment for bus travel is paramount to ensuring the continuing popularity of bus travel.

All of our bus flooring products meet a pendulum test value of 36 or higher, and have safety credentials to meet Transport for London's new Bus Safety Standard. With our passion for design-led innovation, new designs and formulations are constantly in development to bring you the high quality flooring products you expect. Our portfolio is at the lightest weight it has ever been and we are proud to work with you on producing the flooring that you need for your fleet.

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A London bus travelling past the Houses of Parliament in London

for sustained safety, heavy durability and great ease of cleaning

for safety and durability

for safety, easy cleaning, heavy durability and design complexity


for an upmarket feel

for a quality feel and comfort underfoot

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