Beaumont Royal Oak, USA

Master-crafted solution for pharmacy

Altro Suprema, Altro Whiterock

Although Master Craft Floors, Inc. was relieved to find their moisture mitigation system in full working order, Beaumont Royal Oak Central Pharmacy compounding laboratory was still experiencing moisture issues.

After a careful investigation, it was discovered the Royal Oaks, USA facility was suffering from a faulty condensation line in one of their coolers, allowing moisture to seep beneath the flooring. This eroded the bond between the floor prep and adhesive, causing the material to fail. As excess water can be a contaminant, the entire space had to be shut down until the issue was resolved.

Because of its hygienic nature, Master Craft Floors knew Altro safety flooring was the perfect choice. Altro Suprema is a 2mm safety floor that provides excellent slip resistance and 40 shades to fit interior design trends.

However, with scratches and chipped paint abounding, the wall became another issue - such gouges are a hotbed for contamination.

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding was matched to the lab’s paint colour, and it was heat-welded and flash coved to the Altro Suprema to create a safe and contaminant-free environment.

Altro Whiterock is designed for environments with rigorous health and safety standards. When combined with Altro flooring, it creates a hygienic, durable, easy-to-clean and, fortunately for Royal Oak, watertight solution.

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