Herning Central, Denmark

Altro Stronghold 30 for better comfort, hygiene and safety

Altro Stronghold 30

Herning Central production has two centres, in Aulum and Herning which provide 1,000 meals daily to the municipality’s elderly and child care centres. In 2007, a new kitchen was installed in Aulum. The Head of Food Service in Herning, Jette Ramsing, decided through her years of experience in the kitchen industry to recommend replacing the tile floors with slip-resistant vinyl safety flooring.

“The first suggestion from the municipality was to install tile in the kitchen, but with my experience from previous jobs,  I convinced them that slip-resistant vinyl would be a much better choice,” said Jette Ramsing

In consultation with Nørgaard Flooring, it was decided to install durable and slip-resistant Altro Stronghold 30, a specialist kitchen solution for areas where grease, oil or fats may be present. It is a 3mm vinyl flooring, providing extra comfort underfoot.

“It was important for us to get a floor that is safer than tile flooring, which wears down and becomes smooth, and is therefore dangerous to walk on. By choosing this 3mm vinyl floor, we not only have greater slip resistance, we also have the comfort that’s so important when staff are standing or walking on the floor all day,” said Jette Ramsing.Another important consideration for choosing safety flooring rather than tiled flooring was acoustics.

“In a kitchen, where we are constantly moving carts and racks and using pots and pans, acoustics were important when we were specifying for the project. After we installed Altro Stronghold 30, we have reduced the noise in the kitchens, which naturally has a positive effect on job satisfaction.”

Finally, the replacement of the floors had improved the ease of cleaning, which has been shown to be far easier with vinyl safety flooring than tiles.

“The problem with tiled floors in the kitchen is that the grout between tiles often gets dirty when you spill fats and leftover ingredients. These substances penetrate into joints and complicate cleaning. This is completely avoided with vinyl floors, as the surface is smooth, uniform and even to wash over, ensuring far better hygiene than with tiles,” said Jette Ramsing.

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