Research undertaken at Leeds University tested the air above public toilets and found that C.Difficile, a germ that can cause us to be violently unwell, can be projected up to 10 inches in the air with every open flush. The germ could be detected all around the toilet, including the floor. Research shows that public toilet floors contain around two million bacteria per square inch, which is five times more than the average toilet seat².

This is just one example of how, without an effective, regular hygiene regime, public spaces pose a risk to our health. The risk is higher for vulnerable people; those who are unwell, have compromised immune systems, the very young and the elderly.

² Best et al. Potential for aerosolizaton of Clostridium difficile after flushing toilets: the role of toilet lids in reducing environmental contamination risk. Journal of Hospital Infection. 2012;80:1-5.

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“We selected Altro Whiterock to provide the high level of hygiene needed. The wall cladding surface is perfectly even and thus easy to keep clean. When we found out about the product, it was a natural choice for us to make.”

Petri Lempiäinen,
General Manager, Joensuu Terveystalo private health services, Finland