Creating a lasting impression for communal spaces

Entrance and reception spaces, corridors, and waiting areas are among the hardest working parts of a building; yet how they are used can vary massively. We know that sometimes these spaces are needed to showcase a brand, to be part of someone’s home, to transport food from the kitchen and rubbish to the bins or just to get someone from A to B – and we know that those different needs could all be within the same project. It means that one approach doesn’t suit all, so whether it’s aesthetics, sustainability, acoustics, durability, safety, time-saving, all of the above, or something more, we offer a complete package of floors and walls to ensure we have the solution for your project.

Communal spaces: complete technical system guide

Product information and best practice installation guidance at your fingertips. Simply click on the text or a point on the photo to find out more, including links to installation videos and other resources.

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