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Doors have it tough. The resulting wear and tear can be unsightly, cause costly maintenance and be hard to clean. This is where Altro’s doorset systems come in. With two systems available, there is a solution for any area either where hygiene is crucial, or for highly trafficked, general purpose spaces. All our doorset systems come with a 10 year guarantee which covers all parts of the door.


Most impact damage to a door will happen at the points where trollies, feet and hands come into contact with it. Altro door protection panels offer protection exactly where it’s needed. There is the option to cut our standard sheets to suit the area you want to protect but, to make things as easy as possible, we also offer a cutting service.


Altro Whiterock hygienic ceilings meet rigorous hygiene requirements and are particularly suitable for food preparation and medical areas. They form an impervious, hygienic, virtually maintenance-free system which can be hosed down in situ and provide a bright, durable surface which helps reduce condensation. They can be installed as a fully suspended system.