Altro adhesive-free flooring
Approved installation tape

The adhesive-free tape used to install the Altro XpressLay product has been specifically selected to provide the maximum system performance. The adhesive on the tape is perfectly suited to the demands put upon it; adhering well to the underside of XpressLay as well as most substrates, as long as they are clean and dust free.

This tape can also be used to secure the cove former to the wall/floor interface, as well as securing the capping strip to the wall, again providing the surfaces are clean and dust free.

The tape is supplied free of charge with the Altro XpressLay product and is an important part of the system. In order to provide the optimum installed system and to conform to the conditions of the warranty, please ensure that only this tape is used with Altro XpressLay.

Additional rolls of tape are available from Altro and stocking distributors.

Please find specific product data below. For our full range of technical information visit our technical documents section. For any further queries please call our Customer Care Centre on 01 907 5821.

Altro adhesive-free flooring Approved installation tape MSDS