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Make your flooring design work for you

Are you missing powerful opportunities for design on your rail vehicles?

Flooring choice is an integral part of ensuring that your vehicle performs at the highest level possible. Your flooring selection not only sets the tone for the entire feel of the carriage, but also ensures you meet the relevant slip resistance and fire safety regulations. We like to see that as the bare minimum, as there’s so much more your flooring can do for you…

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Latest case study from Altro

Edgewater Lake Wanaka,  New Zealand

Edgewater Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Edgewater Lake Wanaka is a hotel, conference and wedding venue on the shores of the beautiful Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. When they needed to refurbish and expand their busy commercial kitchen they wanted a flooring solution that was durable, easy to clean, attractive and safe.

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