Resin floors

Resin flooring

Tough. Durable. Good-looking. As one of the most versatile floor solutions, an Altro epoxy or polyurethane resin system is suitable for locations ranging from decorative public areas to heavy duty manufacturing plants.

Both our standard and special formulations provide long-term performance and economy, offering an ideal solution for virtually any application.

Your guide to resin systems

Combining hygiene, durability and performance, Altro epoxy and polyurethane resin floor and wall systems offer customers, designers and specifiers the choice they need for tailor-made resin solutions that can be used across a wide range of industries and environments.

What’s new?

We want to help make choosing your next Altro resin system even easier, so we’ve made some changes to simplify how we name and describe our resin products.

There’s still a wide variety of options to choose from to suit your needs – ranging from our specialist to general products.

We have now categorised our products into nine distinct product ranges, with different options to choose from for each product range. We call these options ‘variants’.

Choosing your Altro resin

Step 1. Go to the technical chart and choose the right product range.

Altro Crete Altro Grip Altro Screed
Altro Flexiflow Altro Flow Altro Mosaic
Altro Tect Altro Coat Altro Seal


Step 2. Now go to the specific product range pages, including the technical chart for the range you’ve chosen. Choose the right variant.

Here’s an example.

You’re interested in Altro Coat. Now go to the Altro Coat product page. We tell you about the variants and there is a specific technical chart for the three Altro Coat variants: standard, slip-resistant and vertical. This chart shows technical information and specific application areas for each variant. It also lets you know what that variant was previously known as, in case you want to track down an old favourite.


Step 3. Once you’ve chosen the variant, look at the colour options and key.

Each product range has an individual key which will help you identify which colours are available for your chosen variant.

You’ll find letters under the swatches. These letters correspond to the key and indicate which colours are available in which variant.

Altro Crete is a really good example. Have a look at the Altro Crete product overview page.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the Altro Crete 4mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥50) variant. In the key this variant is labelled as ‘C’. This means this variant is only available in shades which have the letter ‘C’ underneath. The colour swatch ‘Honey’ has ‘C’ under it which means that this colour is available for the 4mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥50) variant.


For samples, technical documents and more information please click on your chosen product range and select the individual variants.

For further information about our resin systems please contact us. When ordering please always ensure you quote the full product range and variant descriptor.