Altro for guest areas

We have floors for dining areas and entrances, including decorative resins and adhesive-free floors for a quick installation. Our floors come in up to 42 colour options and patterns, including wood-look. We have acoustic and comfort options to help reduce the transfer of sound between areas.

For large areas, our acoustic floor Altro Serenade provides 19dB sound reduction, reducing sound reverberation and creating a more private dining experience. Altro Orchestra and Altro Wood Safety Comfort provide additional comfort underfoot and sound reduction for busy environments.

Altro resins come in different standard and slip-resistant variants depending on your needs. Altro resins also can be used to provide a decorative solution; you can add them to create designs and patterns with pops of colour.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad can be used to create artwork for your walls to make a design statement or theme to the guest areas.

For guest toilets, our specialist solution Altro Pisces and Altro Whiterock gives you a colourful solution that fits your interior design, yet is easy to clean and maintain and has industry-leading guarantees.