Altro for staff areas

Safety and hygiene issues don’t end in the kitchen. Throughout the back of house, you need robust solutions that exceed safety and hygiene standards to keep staff and customers safe. Our heavy duty range, including Altro Reliance 25, Altro Classic 25 and Altro Atlas 40 provides extra resilience underfoot for corridors and storage areas, and can handle heavy wheeled traffic. Combined with Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection sheets, Altro Fortis corner protection and Altro Fortis doorsets, it provides a heavy duty solution to take the knocks and bumps of busy areas.

For staff changing areas, we provide extra protection with our specialist wet environments floors, Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces. In shoes and barefeet, staff will be safe even with spills of soap and shower gel. They have a PTV ≥50 (Slider 96) and R11 rating, providing the best protection on the market. Combine with Altro Whiterock wall sheets and doorsets for easy cleaning and maintenance, and for a wide colour palette.

For staff office areas, our range of smooth and safety floors gives you the opportunity to make a warm and welcoming environment that is a pleasure to work in. Altro Orchestra comes in up to 42 colours, and Altro Wood Safety has a classic wood-look that is always a winner.

With an extensive colour palette, you can zone areas, or have fun colour themes for each room by combining with Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon. Whatever your need, we can deliver.