Hygiene and contamination

When you are serving your carefully prepared meals, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the food has been contaminated. We invented safety floors and hygienic wall sheets, and from decades of experience know our products can stand the test of time in busy hospitality environments. They have industry-leading guarantees and life expectancies that have been tried and tested for decades.

Unlike tiles, our specialist kitchens system can be installed quickly and create a hygienic joint between surfaces to prevent build-up of bacteria, mould and dirt. They provide an impervious surface leaving no gaps for vermin to hide.

Altro Whiterock wall sheets have the CE mark and comply with all European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Altro Whiterock is also impact-resistant, making it more resilient than tiles and preventing damage that can harbour bacteria that can get into food. Grout-free and with a guarantee of 20 years with AltroFix W139 moisture-tolerant adhesive, Altro Whiterock can be hot welded for a joint-free installation.

Our floors and walls solution for kitchens is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points approved, meaning it is safe for food environments including commercial kitchens. Our surfaces are so tough they can be power washed and have excellent resistance against typical cleaning chemicals. So when you have a clean kitchen, you have a safe kitchen.