Changing rooms – universities, sports clubs

Safety for active feet

Our safety flooring is ideal for changing rooms and sports clubs being able to withstand heavy traffic including sports shoes and equipment.

Changing rooms can be busy and demanding environments with a variety of uses: from children’s swimming lessons, to school hockey lessons trailing mud and post-exercise showers with dripping water; the slip potential is high and with Altro safety floors we can reduce this chance to one in a million. We also provide you with a wide choice of colours and soft-look shades giving options for pleasing aesthetics.

Colours can also be complemented with our Altro Whiterock Satins hygienic wall cladding. This versatile and sophisticated wall sheet is available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades – from soothing and healing through to bright and energetic suiting a range of different spaces.

“Pool floors are slippery as water is always present so I specified Altro safety flooring in the dressing rooms. I was already familiar with the product and knew it prevents slipping accidents underfoot, with walking frames and wheel chairs. It is also easy to keep clean and hygienic. I chose Altro Aquarius flooring in light gray Tern to bring a lighter feel to the dressing rooms.”
Reino Toivonen, Architect at ArkRenew