Keep bugs at bay

Wet environments can hide a multitude of bacteria owing to the moist environment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that persistent dampness and microbial growth on interior surfaces and in building structures should be avoided or minimised as they may lead to adverse health effects.

To ensure a clean, healthy environment for all users install floor, door and wall systems that are easy-to-clean. Having a system that does not give bacteria anywhere to hide is a priority; Altro Whiterock is a fully bonded wall system: with sealed edges, abutments and joining and together with Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets you can be sure bugs are kept at bay.

“The feedback from residents and staff has been extremely positive, most of the comments are: ‘The bathroom looks really good and is much easier to clean.’ We are happy that we have chosen Altro and highly recommend it!”
Elisabete Neto. Business Administration Manager, Bonney Healthcare Group