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A brief overview

Day nursery and pre-school

We all want to make a child's first day at school as welcoming as possible. The right choice of colours and designs in the flooring and wall cladding creates that vital ambience that encourages early development.

Whether little ones are walking, crawling, sitting or playing, you need surfaces that are safe and comfortable. And as kids love to make a mess, ease of cleanability and safety are key, particularly in wet play areas.

Primary education, infants and juniors

At this stage, children are full of energy and participate with almost boundless gusto in school activities. Whilst you don't want to curb their enthusiasm, you have to keep them safe. It's important to factor in flooring and wall, door and corner protection that can withstand foot traffic and everyday knocks to stay looking good. Flooring and wall cladding need to perform well over a long period to give value for money and help those stretched budgets go further.

Middle and secondary schools

With older students and their heavier footfall, investing in a floor's wear, durability, appearance retention and cleanability ensures long-term value and continued performance.

In areas where desks, chairs, stools and equipment get moved around, you need more resilient flooring that can easily withstand point loading, and wall, door and corner protection, to protect the building structure.

Inspirational use of colour and design can help design-out vandalism, whilst simultaneously contributing to a positive working atmosphere for your staff.

Special needs schools

Choosing the right combinations of colours and/or textures for interior surfaces can help people overcome specific challenges. For example, changes of texture and bright colour can assist the visually impaired with wayfinding, whilst muted colours can aid those whose conditions fall within the autistic spectrum.

Resilience and impact resistance are important. With some physical disabilities, a degree of underfoot traction can assist with walking and safety. Resistance to point loading and scuffing from tyres and walking aids is also a consideration for long-term performance and appearance retention.

Universities, colleges, further education, university technical colleges

Young adults are hard on their environments. Flooring needs to be durable enough to perform well and look good for years, while wall cladding needs to withstand whatever's thrown at it, literally! It’s not just walls that might take abuse; doors will be in constant use and corners are easily knocked so protecting these areas can make surfaces last longer and look good too. Resistance to spillages, scuffs and staining is essential as are ease of maintenance and cleanability.

High university tuition fees have thrown the spotlight even more on the need to provide excellent value for money. Institutions need to appeal to fee-paying students and parents who may judge on first impressions. The overall appearance of the university therefore plays a greater role in securing students, so aesthetics and maintenance are an even more important consideration in specifications.

The different areas of any institution may have specific requirements for the flooring depending on the activity.