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Why Altro resins?

Functional and decorative, resin floors are the toughest available for demanding education environments. Able to withstand high temperatures, impact, heavy abrasion and high point loading, seamless resin floors will provide optimum service.

Suitable for functional areas, the applications for resin floors are as varied as they are challenging.


  • Slip-resistant variants to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Tailored surface texture to meet your specification
  • Durable, cost-effective


  • Seamless and impervious
  • Zero water absorption (PU)
  • Independently performance-tested
  • Withstand impact and high point loading
  • Cut and chemical-resistant
  • Minimal joints for ease of cleaning
  • Can be coved and integrated with drainage to facilitate wash down

Enhances the working environment

  • Functional and decorative systems available
  • Acoustic variant available for enhanced staff and visitor well-being

Installation features

  • Can be repaired if required
  • Self-coveable
  • Can be laid to falls
  • Compatible drainage systems available
  • Minimal installation downtime options