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Altro floors holiday shutdown 2018

As the festive season approaches, with the inevitable resulting time pressures, we thought we should turn your attention to ensuring that the deliveries you need will arrive in time.

Click here for the key dates for our shutdown period


Specifying checklist

When you specify for education, these are the kind of things to consider:


  • Skirting type
  • Drainage / existing substrate
  • Inspection covers/manholes
  • Expected regularity of furniture movement
  • Activities in areas (eg wet, dry play, multi-purpose, sports, assemblies)
  • Intensity of traffic
  • Heaviness of footfall
  • Shoe or barefoot traffic
  • Acoustics
  • Proposed cleaning and disinfection regime
  • Ground floor or upper floor location
  • Spillages of food
  • Potential for tracked-in dirt
  • Barrier matting
  • Colour coding requirement
  • Contrasting colours required for inclusive design
  • Inclusive design requirement
  • Time available for installation


  • Existing substrate / wall finish
  • Extra impact-resistance required
  • Pipes, vents, ducts, wall furniture, window and door frames
  • Colour / colour contrast finish requirement
  • Hygiene requirement
  • Proposed cleaning and disinfection regime
  • Time available for installation
  • Coved skirting to avoid tight corners for hygiene and easy cleaning

Ceilings and doors

  • Vision panels in doors
  • Need for colour contrast on doors and frames or walls and ceilings
  • Natural, direct or surface fixed lighting
  • Ceiling access
  • Cleaning regime
  • Time available for installation
  • Extra impact resistance required for doors