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"Due to the huge length of space of the school's main street, the floor construction included many movement joints, which had a knock on effect to the movement requirements of the floor finish. The main contractor, Willmott Dixon, suggested that we look at Altro XpressLay as it can be laid straight to slab with no DPM and no fixing joints - creating a huge time and cost saving for the project. We were now confident we had a product that could meet this specific need. We also specified the product for corridors, some classrooms, and in the toilets and changing rooms in conjunction with Altro Walkway 20, which shares the same colour palette."

Kate Smith, designer at Austin-Smith: Lord on St Teilo’s, Cardiff


"Altro safety flooring was installed in the college corridors in 1999. With 1,800 students and 200 members of staff, you can imagine the level of foot traffic that the floor has seen over the course of 14 years. It's very impressive that a safety floor should last that long without any need for replacement or repair. The recent slip resistance tests proved that Altro Walkway can withstand the rigours of extreme usage over time. This result is a combination of product quality and the care we have taken to maintain the floors well over the years. We are so pleased with the performance of the flooring and Altro in general that we had no hesitation in specifying it again when it came to choosing flooring for corridors in the new buildings. Slip resistance and ease of maintenance were key factors in our decision, and Altro has proved unbeatable in these areas."

Mike Hodds, maintenance technician at East Norfolk Sixth Form


"Altro flooring is great to work with and the installation went very well. The welds were neat, the coving sharp - it looked very good indeed. Altro were very supportive and gave us excellent service throughout."

Ed Greenhough, Managing Director, Active Flooring Solutions on Notre Dame School, Liverpool


"Altro has given the school a real wow factor! From the first day in the new building the children were very excited and loved their new surroundings. I would without a doubt recommend for other schools to work directly with Altro this way – they always listened to our queries and did their upmost to solve them."

Julie Pearson, Headteacher, Roecroft Lower School, Stotfold


"We were really delighted with the range and finish of the products from Altro. The finished effect looks great and has really given the school a modern feel. We have more projects in the pipeline, all of which I will definitely be using Altro products for."

Robert Charlesworth, Caterham School


"Our new building helps us to deliver our thematic curriculum with shared breakout areas which can be themed to fit with the subject being developed. The atmosphere this term has changed considerably, as everything seems much calmer and more organised. It certainly highlights the positive impact good design of school buildings can have on children's education. We've had a great response from staff and visitors alike to the Altro Whiterock Digiclad artwork in our corridors, and the pupils absolutely love it!"

Claire Gibbs, Head Secretary, Crocketts Community Primary School, Smethwick


"With the wall cladding especially, we really needed high quality products as we have had problems in the past with tiles as they can crack and go mouldy. With Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, this problem is eradicated, leaving smooth, durable walls which not only perform, but look great too."

Ian Henham, Miler Bourne Partnership, Manchester Art College


"Durability, longevity and ease of maintenance were important factors in our selection and Altro provided the ideal solution. We've worked with Altro on a variety of projects and they never let us down. Altro Whiterock is much easier to keep clean than tiles; its smooth, seamless finish means there's no grout for dirt and bacteria to build up in, plus there's no danger of cracks that need to be repaired with replacement tiles. Our cleaning and maintenance teams are as pleased as the students."

Eddie Lea, Estates Services Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University