Creating a home

While our solutions help keep residents, visitors and staff safe, they are also designed to help create a home, the most important thing of all. No one wants to live in a clinical, hospital environment: we can’t overestimate the impact of feeling at home has on well-being.

We have a range of walls and floors solutions to create a homely environment and offer a choice of finishes and shades so you can create the exact look and mood you want. Our solutions have been designed with creating homes in mind, yet they are practical and, where needed, promote safety in every way that we can, without that being obvious to residents.

The places people call home should look like a home. Even in nursing homes where residents need more medical attention, a non-institutional setting can have a positive impact on recuperation, and on the time residents spend with visitors.

In a retirement village setting, ill-health is generally not an issue and the environment should be not only homely, but high-end. Increasingly hotel-standard surroundings are expected.

Although some care home residents may have health or additional needs, there is still an emphasis on living well and being independent. This is particularly important to us when developing floors and walls solutions. By reducing the risk of a slip, safety floors greatly improve the independence of care home residents.

Because we offer homely finishes and non-clinical shades, residents may be unaware that they’re walking on safety flooring, further boosting confidence, and that’s just how we like it.