Acoustics and comfort underfoot

Noise can affect recovery and well-being, as well as privacy. Designs that have good acoustics, along with natural light and ventilation, help create a positive, therapeutic atmosphere. For areas that do not need enhanced slip resistance we have Altro Serenade which absorbs sound up to 19dB, significantly reducing noise levels. As well as the general benefits of a quieter atmosphere, it can benefit care home residents affected by tinnitus and certain sensory sensitivities. At 3.9mm thick, it’s particularly suitable for sensory rooms where not only outside noise needs to be blocked, but residents sit on and move around the floor.

For areas where noise reduction is needed but wheelchairs, trolleys mean that rollability is key, we also offer Altro Orchestra, a 2.6mm floor that offers a level of sound reduction (up to 15db), plus comfort under foot.

As well as residents, staff, particularly those who spend a lot of time on their feet, will also benefit from a quiet, more comfortable work environment.