Practicalities; maintaining a home

Wear and tear is an issue for those responsible for maintenance plus it affects the way visitors judge the home, and how residents feel about it. In care homes wheelchairs, walking aids and crutches will be commonly used meaning that floors and walls are at a constant risk of damage.

Altro floors and walls solutions help protect surroundings from both feet and wheeled traffic, resulting in less maintenance and better aesthetics. We offer solutions that are designed to handle continuous use, and back this up with lengthy guarantees, life expectancies and technical support. If unsure on the best solution to deal with particular stresses, machinery, wheels or regular wear and tear, take a look at our product selector, or speak with your Altro representative.

For wall, door and corner protection, we have the Altro Fortis system. Easy to clean, impervious, resistant to bumps and with a lightly textured surface which camouflages scuffs; we call it the saviour of busy public areas.