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Design in more detail

‘Universal Design guidelines. Dementia Friendly Dwellings for People with Dementia, their Families and Carers’ includes guidance on flooring and walls.
The quality features are divided into 4 Sections:

  1. Home location and approach
  2. Entering and moving about the home
  3. Spaces for living
  4. Elements and systems (includes finishes)

In Section 2 of the Design Guidance, there is specific guidance on entering and moving about the home to promote independence. Section 3 covers guidelines on spaces for living while Section 4; elements and systems includes guidance on building materials and finishes.
This includes:

  • Using contrasting colours or tones to distinguish the floor from the wall
  • Using colour and tone to make key doors along the circulation route stand out from the background
  • Providing a continuous floor finish with as little change in material as possible and where there is a change, ensure minimum colour contrast, particularly at door thresholds
  • Providing clean signage and bold graphics to enhance way-finding
  • Using distinct colours to define specific functions and spaces
  • Avoiding strong patterns on floor finishes and provide plain coloured, matt, finishes which will help reduce glare or shine in brightly lit conditions.
  • For people living with dementia, highly polished, shiny flooring can appear to be wet, causing uncertainty and confusion; instead flooring should be matt.
  • Careful acoustic design to reduce noise and create calm and peaceful spaces