Our advice

Altro also recommend flooring that is sparkle-free and without a heavy pattern as these can cause distraction or look like something to pick up, which could result in a fall. This was a major driver for us at Altro when we developed the first safety floors without sparkle some years ago. There is now a wide range of colours and finishes, including bold, bright and light colours. These all help to create a comfortable feel whilst not compromising on safety. We also recommend avoiding lighting which alters the appearance of the floor finish, for example, making it appear wet. In our experience natural daylight is preferable as harsh lighting and some LED lights can create false impressions about the environment. This includes the perception that the flooring is wet when it isn’t, resulting in uncertainty and possibly falls. Please speak to your Altro consultant if you need guidance.

Altro wall sheets can help achieve an appropriate wall finish; Altro Whiterock Satins has a low-gloss finish. Altro Fortis Titanium is textured with an anti-glare finish. Using wall sheets also helps create a homely, non-clinical look without the need for a pattern, plus it is durable and easy to clean.