Minimising slip risk

For the elderly or frail, a simple trip can have catastrophic and life-changing effects, which makes fall prevention measures vital.

A 2007 WHO Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age found that older people who are living in nursing homes fall more often than those who are living in community. Approximately 30-50% of people living in long-term care institutions fall each year, and 40% of them experienced recurrent falls. Falls lead to 20-30% of mild to severe injuries, and are underlying cause of 10-15% of all emergency department visits. The average health system cost per one fall injury episode for people 65 year and older in the US was $1049.

Age-related changes to our sense of sight include the loss of peripheral vision, colour vision changes, problems with glare and nearer images being blurred. This can mean that poor lighting or badly chosen flooring can be a real danger. For this reason, we recommend that in addition to choosing the right flooring products, consider lighting, handrails and other safety features, along with good housekeeping, to remove hazards and ensure best performance.