Care homes - residential

Care homes - residential

Residential care homes are where people live permanently, or stay temporarily while recuperating. Residents do not need ‘round the clock’ care. Some will have chosen to retire to this type of accommodation and others may not be able to cope with living alone, for a variety of reasons. Residential care home residents, which will include children, can include those with learning disabilities, additional needs and/or physical disabilities.

These care homes need to look impressive, as well as homely. Families, or the residents themselves, may be paying to be there, or families are looking for reassurance that the home is well-run, clean and homely. This means that aesthetics are constantly being judged, particularly in the reception areas and visitor bathrooms. Durable, easy-to-clean and maintain floor and wall solutions can help to make the right impression. Add high-end, high quality products with design flexibility, and exceeding expectations is that much easier.

For those living in residential care homes, a homely appearance is vital. Clinical rooms can appear threatening and exacerbate symptoms, affecting well-being.

For areas where children live and visit, our hugely varied colour palette means the only limit in terms of design, is your imagination. We can also offer guidance on which of our shades are calming or stimulating, depending on the room and the needs of the children.

We recommend safety flooring for all areas of a residential home where contaminants, such as greasy water or shower gel, tend to be found, meaning there’s a high to very high risk of a slip. For other areas, such as patient bedrooms, our floors for areas that do not require enhanced slip resistance offer a huge choice in terms of colour and design.

A dining area at Origin, at Spring Creek in Canada, with Altro Wood Smooth Acoustic installed on the floor