Designing for dementia

DSDC - Dementia Services Development Centre

We worked with the University of Stirling's renowned Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) when developing new shades of Altro Aquarius to ensure carers and those with dementia can be safer in wet environments. We also worked with the team there when developing the colour palette for Altro Suprema. This range features solid, non-sparkle colours that can work on their own, or in conjunction with Altro Aquarius to minimise visual barriers.

The Dementia Services Development Centre's Dementia Design Audit Tool contains a series of resources for carrying out self-assessment of environments that are used by people with dementia. It is suitable for refurbishment projects or new buildings and is relevant across a range of settings including day centres, wards, care homes and medical centres. The design audit tool will help identify areas for improvement and can be used to prepare for the formal design audit certificate process. To learn more about The Dementia Services Development Centre, arrange a tour, or find out more about their DSDC Dementia Design Audit Tool and a range of design consultancy services, please visit

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